Bit coin trading funds are the great trend nowadays, people are making money like clockwork using these funds, but you must pay attention most are scammers and this post is to show you what funds are good and what funds are bad so you can make profits with safety.

Check if the fund is well known, who are the people involved, for example turning hedge fund is a well known scam, however if you compared with the best ones out there like vip crypto hedge fund you will see the diferences, vip crypto hedge fund is managed by Paulo Santos a well known trader that performs in the markets for more then 20 years, hundreds of happy clients so if you thinking on ivetsing in a crypto hedge fund do it with a well known fund like Vip Crypto Hedge Fund.

We all known horror stories in every niche but cryptos, forex and binary options problably are the kings, thousands of scams pop up every single week promising returns like 100 % roi in a week , thats funny right? More funny is the ones who believe that, the most you can get with investments like this is around 50% a month, more then that is almost impossible unless you using like a super private bot.

This was just my two cents, again, if you wanna play the trading funds game do it with safety, rockwall, turning hedges and other shady ones better stay way, if i were to recommend one vip would be my choice.

Take Care

Billy “Jefe”